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About Rip Magazine

A child’s every experience matters. These are the pillars of the whole development:

Being healthy
Staying safe
Enjoying and achieving
Making positive contributions
Achieving economic wellbeing
Revitalize. inspire. perform®, or Rip magazine, is an online educational platform for students, educators and parents looking for educational content aimed at expanding learning outside of the classroom. We do this by producing content and relevant programming for high school students, including our Rip journalist summer program through our partnership with D.C. Public Schools.
Our parent company, The Aquiline Group, also provides schools with educational products and creatives services like graphic design, website development, publication development, and other unique marketing communications services.
The Aquiline Group published its first printed issue of Rip magazine in 2006. We started this publication because we wanted to fill the gap in learning outside of the classroom for students attending public schools in urban areas.
We visited and spoke with many students and teachers in New York, New Jersey and our hometown Washington, D.C. and found that many students were experiencing poor performance, and few went on to attend college or other post-secondary educational programs.
Moreover, we found that that low-income students often face a lack of resources, disparities in learning, and bleak after school programming adding to their achievement gaps.
We wanted to make a difference and so we founded Rip magazine with the goal of addressing some of these issues. More importantly, we named our publication Revitalize. inspire. perform. ® as a play on the words Rest in Peace because we wanted to change the paradigm for students living in crime-ridden urban areas where they are victims of gun violence and drug abuse on higher levels than their wealthier counterparts.
As social entrepreneurs, we wanted to do something about the learning gaps, and create uplifting and education content for students, while allowing them to become part of the process for developing and creating content. Since then, Rip magazine has been on a long journey to make an impact in the lives of young people in urban centers and those that educate and mentor them.
We develop programs that expose students to environments outside of their comfort zones, including taking students to galleries, museums, field centers, gardens, wilderness, and into the community and urban spaces to gain different perspectives. Through our summer and in-school internship programs, we provide experiential learning, a process that develops knowledge, skills, and attitudes based on consciously thinking on an experience. When we work with students, they have a direct and active experience combined with reflection and feedback.
Although Covid-19 has been devastating for the lives of many urban students, Rip intends to become a strong voice and a champion for students across America. We believe that great learning happens outside of the classroom. Studies show the important role of extracurricular learning for the whole development of a student.
We are excited to continue to expand and reach the lives of students not only living in America but in other parts of the world through partnerships that are currently under development. Stay tuned, because a lot is going to unfold within the near future.
Whole development for a student is defined as the ability for a student to be healthy, safe, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution, and improving her ability to achieve economic wellbeing. Rip magazine hopes to contribute to these positive aspects of social and psychological development. Moreover, evidence shows that when students learn outside the classroom,
they achieve the following outcomes:
    • Achieve higher test scores.
    • Improve physical fitness and motor skills development.
    • Achieve greater levels of confidence and improved self-esteem.
    • Show leadership qualities.
    • Become more socially competent and environmentally responsible.

Meet the Team

Get to know the people behind Revitalize. inspire. perform.®
Evelyn Rodriguez

Gabriel Schneider
Managing Editor

Renee Andrush
Creative Director

We are excited to have you come along with us on our journey.

So, come on now and let it Rip!